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Find The Trends & Predict The Future To Grow Your Wealth.

This Software does the hard work for you so you can enjoy the benefits of trading crypto more profitably. Save your time from charting 600 coins, calculating 4,800 trends, chasing news and scouring social media for great trade opportunities.  Get This Easy To Use Push-Button Automation System To Profitable Trade Signals.

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600+ Coins Averaged Out Over All Exchanges 
So You Wont Miss Out on Any Opportunities.

Time To Hurry Because Big Banking Money
Is Starting To Flow Into The Crypto Markets

Companies like Lamborghini, Microsoft, Expedia, Virgin, and many other fortune 500 companies now accepting Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin it's no surprise why large banks are now getting into the crypto trading game. 

But Why Isn't Everyone Succeeding With Trading And Investing In Crypto Currencies?



New To Crypto

Information Overload

Poor Portfolio Management

Bad Investment Strategies

Following 'Shilling Gurus'

"Buy This Coin Now"


Doesn't Take Profits

Zero Trading Experience

No Market Understanding

It's Easy To Make Money In The Bull Markets. But Almost Impossible In The Bear Markets When Traders Don't Use Sound Trading Strategy Or Arm Themselves With Powerful Trading Tools.  

Utilizing A System Like This Changes The Game and Puts You Back In Control.

Crypto Trading Software

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What We Value

What About Bots?

About The Markets

Trading Is A Part Of Our Collective Human Experience 

  • What This Crypto Signals Software Will Do For You

Only Software On The Market

Market Experience

We make trading easier by putting top of the industry trading expertise inside our trading algorithm. We leveraged over 30 years of trading  expertise and brought it to you in this one-of-a-kind software.

Quality Trade Opportunities

Stop Losing On Your Trades

Humans are emotional. Computers are not. This software helps stop you from making stupid mistakes by telling you what the markets are doing. You want to know when to get in and out of trades so you're left with profits you'll be excited about. 

Step-By-Step Trading Expertise 

 Trading The Trend Strategy

Top traders use Crypto Signals Software to give them the best signals to buy, sell and hold crypto currencies. No matter what's going on in the market, find profitable trades in minutes without much work. And then enjoy the extra time doing what you love.

+ Data is the backbone of this system.

We Buy Over 600 Terabytes of Crypto Data From Several Different Data Brokers Each Month Costing Over $60,000.

We clean the data and in tune our trading algorithms.  The data is uploaded & hosted on enterprise cloud servers. At the click of a button you can leverage these every time you want to find profitable crypto trading opportunities. 

It works while you sleep, while you eat, while you go to the gym, and while you travel... All day & night, these servers calculate Technical Analysis for you.

All traders must ask themselves, "Would I rather spend thousands of hours plotting technical analysis charts, finding trend lines, double tops, double bottoms, breakouts etc... OR let a machine do all that work for me?" 

For a limited time we are letting other traders start leveraging our software systems too. 

This system calculate the millions of variables to find profitable trade opportunities so you don't have to. Doing the hard technical analysis work for you. 

Finding profitable trades becomes simple.

Crypto Signals Software Give You Market Conditions.

Helping You Know Exactly What Crypto Coins To Buy, When To Buy The Coin, And How Much To Sell The Coin For, In Minutes. 

Ultimately, helping you profit with more certainty and assurance. 

Now you will know when it's a good time to trade or invest and when it's time to cash out.  

Crypto Coins have seasonality, just like stocks, etf's, and forex.

Now start enjoying the peace of mind and excitement of winning more trades with crypto using CryptoSignals.Software

Imagine being able to...

With little to no experience at all, at the click of a button, be given wining trades based on LIVE facts. Invest at the right place at the right time & start profiting right away while finding the next winning trade that will profit you over 100% of your initial investment.

For advanced traders, get sonar view of the market and find the seasonality trends to optimize your yearly profit taking strategies.  

"Game Changer"

How This Software Gives YOU Value

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    Even if you aren't a pro trader yet, you won't have to spend years learning technical analysis, advanced calculations, or charting.
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    You won't have to chart 600 crypto currencies every time you to trade.
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     You won't have to hire a technical analysis to find you opportunities.
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    Get trade calls before Shot Callers find them
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    Invest your extra time where it matters.
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    You'll get rest assurance knowing you can check any potential calls against the signals software for a second opinion. 
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    Trade with greater confidence knowing where the markets are going. 
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     You'll feel like you can predict the future.
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    Use this software with 3 trading strategies and you'll be amazed what you can do.
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    This software will do technical analysis, calculate trends, and identify trade opportunities for you automatically.
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    You won't have to pay for countless call groups on social media.
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    Software proven to work.
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    Never get burned by phony shot callers. 
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    Up to date news right inside the software.
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    Enjoy quick checks on the markets with one fast glance.
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    No more Stressful 3:00 Am Glued To Crypto Charts!
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     People will think you are a crypto genius!

What You'll Get With This Software

Finds Profitable Trades Within Seconds.

Automated Charting

Composite Performance Reviews 

Proprietary Oscillators 
And More!

PLUS Calculates Risk And Reward Ratios So You Get The Best Trading Opportunities. 

See Multiple Time Frames Easily

Calendar Views To See Seasonality

Multiple Coins Trends
In A Simple View

Trend Signaling



Crypto Trading Software

Take It From Our Students Who Have Been Getting Greater
Profits Since Day 1  --- Yes! Especially In Bear Markets.  

Past Results Look Like This

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And This Is In A
Bear Market.

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CryptoSignals.Software is the Worlds FIRST and ONLY Cryptocurrency Software that automates all the hard number crunching technical analysis calculations, that crypto trading experts use to do manually.

This software is designed to make you serious money, putting important crypto trading tools in 1 simple, easy to use software.  Removing the guesswork and providing you with the winning trade opportunities before they happen. 

"Crypto Signals Trading Software Will Make You A Smarter Trader And Provide You Clarity In The Markets. Become A More Profitable Trader, Right Now. " 

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