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Finally, a no bullshit shortcut to trading profitably without wasting your time calculating trends, chasing news & scouring social media for great trade signals.

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What This Software Will Do For You

Would you rather spend several hours plotting technical analysis on charts, finding trend lines, double tops, double bottoms, breakouts & trying to map the future of a coins value or...sit back relax and let a computer help do that for you? 

Now you can leverage cloud computing with proven market algorithms that calculate millions of variables each day, doing all the hard technical analysis work for you. Set trades, relax and go research the next ICO.

Crypto Signals Tells You What Crypto Coins To Buy, When To Buy Them, And How Much To Sell Them For In Minutes. Ultimately helping you profit without fear you are taking on all the risk by yourself. The algorithm has your back but the hardest part for you is learning to trust the software and not over trading. Trade more predictably and with a few set of strategies learn how to read the software to find when it's a good time to get into bitcoin and then into alt-coins. They have seasonality and predictable interrelations. So, enjoy the peace of mind and joy of winning trades and life. 

Only Software On The Market

10 Years Of Forex &
Stock trading

We make trading brainless by putting top of the industry trading expertise inside our trading algorithm. We leveraged over 40 years of trading  expertise and brought it to you in this one of a kind software.

Giving You Only The Good Stuff

Stop Losing On Your Trades

Humans are emotional. Computers are not. This software helps stop you from making stupid mistakes by telling you what the markets are doing. You want to know when to get in and out of trades so you're left with profits you'll be excited about. 

Trading Expertise

Magic Wand Of The Best

Top traders use Crypto Signals Software to give them the best signals to buy, sell and hold crypto currencies. No matter what's going on in the market, find profitable trades in minutes without much work.

 I Never Thought This Could Exist! 

When I discovered crypto signals software I didn't believe it was possible. The Crypto Markets are so volatile, how can technical trading analysis through algorithms even work? I kept hearing about it and all my trading buddies started talking about CryptoSignals. I didn't want to miss out, so I bought the trial... And I've been a customer ever since. I can't imagine my life without this amazing trading tool. Let's just say, my Wife is happier than ever because I'm making MORE money in less time.  We love CryptoSignals.Software!

David Chester - Crypto Trader

"It Works! Now You Just Have To Put It To Work. Makes trading simple and More Predictable." Ryan 

     Game Changer.     

 Crypto Exchanges We Work With

We Also Provide Thousands of Other Coins And Average Out All Exchanges So You Wont Miss Out on Any Opportunity.
With Over 500+ Coins We Are Giving Signals On!

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Ico Results

Why We Created This Software? 

We wanted to make money trading without selling our live's away in the process.

We discovered early on that the calculations our brains were making were inferior and limited to the power of  computational computer driven technical analysis.

Our master algorithms have been trading for a decade in Forex, Stocks, Etf's, Bonds, and Futures.

For 10 years, millions of dollars were made due to this systems main component. As computational power and data grows, this softwares core backbone algorithm will be even more powerful for trading crypto.

Trade is trade.

Now our studies and tests have indicated, this is working in crypto trading markets just like Stocks, Bonds, Etf's and Futures. Back tested and results show, it's giving wise trade signals.

It's designed to reduce risk while keeping increased profit potentials and delivered in a simple dashboard configuration for you to use.

Now the catch is, there are limitations to this software. It's not for super fast, high frequency trading.

Due to computational implications, high frequency trading is not our forte and we don't believe it's actually useful. This won't support 1 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute timelines. But it will support the 15 minute, 30, 60, 120, 240, 480, day and weekly time frames.

So you have to ask yourself, how often do you want to trade?

Honestly, we would rather not look at charts all day, that's not really all that fun. It's more fun to look at charts that have the greatest opportunity.

Crypto burnout is real. Too many traders fall under because they over trade. Ultimately, they will end up over here too. We all do... It's simple. 

But chances are you and 85% of traders world-wide want to trade efficiently and effectively. Over the course of time with wisdom and discretion. And in here we found, more profits, less risk, greater time efficiency, and essentially a better way of life.  

What about Bots?

Bots are not the answer either because it leaves vulnerable api keys open and hackers are always looking for ways in. Stay away from bots! They run away doing weird things and not ONE bot will work for everyone so buying a retail bot is like throwing your money away. Plus, buying retail bots open you up to more vulnerability. Just look at what happened to Binance in March. Their API codes were hacked and people lost millions of dollars. Sure you could code your own but that costs a ton of time and money and you got to hope you coded it correctly. 

About the markets.

All expanding markets run through periods of exhaustion and turn down, and because of this our system is also designed to help you profit, even in down markets through shorting. So you can profit when crypto is going up and down.

Even in these markets our tests show this software is profiting. Now, we want to put it into the hands of people like you. Use it with us, test it out, help us make it better.

We believe helping each other is a net benefit to the market as a whole.

When our friends see the change in our lifestyles and want to know how they can join, it does something special for you on the inside.

We believe crypto currency creates freedom and connection for everyone around the world because it benefits society as a whole. 

I can literally send you millions of dollars, in minutes and you could be anywhere in this world, orbiting, or blasting off to the moon and without the need for greedy middle men. We can connect and share in a more efficient way. 

How many equations can you calculate at 1 time?

With this crypto trading software you can overcome the obstacles of being human. It calculate thousands at one time. Constantly selecting an overwhelming majority of successful calls everyday. Now, it doesn't mean you will choose the right ones every time. 

Being patient, play the long game, and enjoy the ride up. It will keep you on the tips of your fingers looking for valuable trade opportunities.  Sure it's about making money, but it's way more than that. So, we got to ask, what do we value?

Simply, we value Health, Assets, Relationships, and Data. It's a "H.A.R.D" Perspective

Applying this H.A.R.D Perspective, as an example: take CryptoSignals.Software, it's providing you with valuable computational Data. This Data will provide you greater opportunities to increase your Assets. It does this through calculating Data and the Relationships between the data to identify if it's a Healthy investment for you!

By entering into Relationship with us, you'll get this Data. You'll also get to  join our  growing community of traders. So, don't miss out. Get this powerful data for yourself.

Many of us have come from the otherworld of trading. Some of us are brand new. Some have been in crypto for years. 

Finding tools, people and communities who support  your growth, helps you. We work together.  

Yes, of course, this software may glitch out every once in  a while. All software does. It's technology and all tech is built off of human design. We're human and we aren't perfect.

These signals won't always be profitable. We do win more than we lose and way more than the average investor or trader ever could.

Striving for perfection is important because it helps us grow. Growth is the engine for all of this and with time the system gets better more improved, more effective. Statistically more data will have that effect.  

In here, we come together, listen to trade signals, make money, and live a better life.

But the truth is, money won't bring you ultimate happiness. It can sure help. We found sharing opportunity with people does bring happiness and helping you be successful  even more so.

If you look back through the history of trading and up to today, what is learned can be applied everywhere in life. It's fractal.

You and I agree those little electrons are worth something important but they are still only read as 1 and 0's. A spark of  an electron or not. Sparks of energy representing value. 

The relationship is so deep within us, almost hard wired. 

Trading is part of being human.

A cool way to look at charts is to see above the price line in the charts are the sellers. The bottom of the line on the chart, the buyers.  Sellers are people. Buyers are people. And pressure from top or bottom will push the price up or down and it responds to stimuli.  

Over time the price for which the buyers and sellers trade, is negotiated. Sellers want to sell for the best deal. Buyers want to buy at the best deal.

When more capital enter into the market it acts in predictable human ways and this data shows up in the charts and becomes available. The more people who enter the market and the more capital they bring, we see the rise in price.

For the seasoned trader, they know this from experience. For newbies, they don't and they are quick triggered to sell at the wrong time. Losing.

This system has 7+ years of crypto data to make computational analysis. Unless you've been here since the beginning you will have a hard time applying this knowledge in practice.

To trade the greatest gains with the least amount of risk. Inside this software you will get trade signals pre calculated and ready to go. Gifted to you in a beautiful table ready for you to hand pick your next trade. 

In minutes, you'll have your strategy and trades set in motion. 

It's that simple and it doesn't really get any easier.  

We encourage you to start using this right now.

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