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I'm excited to provide you with a profitable and highly valuable crypto prediction tool that will give your list and followers valuable insights into the nature of crypto assets price movements. We've taken a very-very complicated process and built a powerful algorithm that has predicted bitcoins rallies and drops with precision.

We buy over $60,000 worth of data 600 terrabytes to be exact, every month, and that allows us to gain greater insights into the market. This system isn't perfect but right now, the daily charts are at an 86% success rate on open calls for over 600 coins. I can guarantee you probably can't beat that.  For bitcoin, we are at 100% win rate on open calls for the daily time frame. 

There's nothing else like this in the market and so you will have a unique and powerful tool to share with your community. 

As part of this software, we are providing free training to teach people how to make money in all types of market conditions. Bulls or Bears, doesn't matter, we predict the prices of bitcoin either way, giving users the radar they need to know in order to make money. 

Below are some of our win rates and profits for crypto, it's pretty stellar. 

Now, we are offering generous residual payments on our monthly memberships of 50% and if you refer other affiliates to us, we'll pay you an additional 10% for whomever they refer. 

Our goal is simply to help the average person, profit from crypto without worrying about losing their money. 

We believe crypto is the future of sending value in the world. More and more banks, governments, and institutions are jumping on board then ever before and it's only getting bigger. You can't use price of the coins as a measurement of it's success. Just go to linkedin and see all the jobs being opened up for crypto. That will give you an idea of the amount of energy, resources, and money going into these markets. 

There's a lot of money to be made and we'll help you list profit from crypto's next big movement up called the 5th wave.

If you are ready to sign up for our affiliate program, click the join today link below, sign up and get started.

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